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Dive Into Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Investing In A Truly Hands-Off Way

How The

Partnership Works

Managed portfolios and partnerships are a great investment vehicle for commercial real estate. Having a team of qualified experts focusing on real estate every day is the best way to maximize your investments in a truly hands-off way. Our team is consistently focused on adding value to our partnership through professional management and acquisitions.
With EPLP, you get the full package: financing, accounting, marketing, as well as property management, leasing and maintenance all under one roof. We use a combination of internal staff and external service providers to ensure we are both giving and receiving best-in-class service for our investors and our tenants. Gone are the days of late night phone calls and worrying if rents will be coming in next month. Your passive income becomes truly passive while your investment grows in conjunction with our portfolio. Rather than own a single building or house a single tenant, why not hold a piece of every building and every tenant within our partnership?

The Opportunity:

How to Invest

Contact us to learn how to invest into EPLP.

Investors have access to high-yielding returns by focusing on short-term industrial properties with the stability of long-term holding properties.


Our Business

Vision, Goal, & Strategy

EPLP has a focus on obtaining long-term and stable holdings. The partnership offers investors the opportunity to dive into the commercial and industrial real estate world, while offering a hands-off ownership experience.


The partnership will target an 8-10% overall return on investments with 6% paid out using a flexible distribution option.

Why Join?

Mitigated Risk

From a diverse portfolio


Investors have the ability to be a part of something that may not have been attainable to an individual.


Above market returns and a perpetually growing investment.
EPLP’s experienced team handles the burden of owning commercial real estate, allowing your investment to reach it's full potential and allowing you to benefit through generational wealth.
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